MultiPlatform (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux)

Intended for use with RAD Studio XE5 - 12 Athens (Delphi and C++ Builder)

Product includes collection of FM style templates for Bitmap Style Designer.

Template for each platform can has platform specifics in multi-resolution graphics and parameters for style-objects.

Each style includes special patch-installer for XE5 - Sydney to improve UI
(fixes are included by default since RAD Studio 11 Alexandria)

Note: Styled form title doesn't work for 64-bit macOS and Linux apps (systems and FM limitations)

Mirage Light

Mirage Dark

Waikawa Light

Waikawa Dark

Midnight Express

Red Rock

Tangaroa Green

Lucky Point



Material Black Pearl

Regal Blue Clear

Techno Line Light

Madison Dark

Sienna Green Light

Sky Blue

Bunker Gray


Material White Smoke

Charcoal Expressive

Cornflower Blue Expressive

Clear GulfStream

Note: Linux platform can be added using FmxLinux


Windows Office

Windows Solitude

Windows Dark

Windows Vulcan

Windows Zodiac

Windows Blue Whale


macOS Dark

macOS Dark Clear

macOS Office

macOS Solitude

macOS Vulcan

macOS Zodiac

macOS Blue Whale


Intended for use with RAD Studio Tokyo+ and FmxLinux.

Product includes Linux style template for Bitmap Style Designer. Also style can has additional templates for macOS and Windows.

Gnome Light

Gnome Dark

Ubuntu Dark

Ubuntu Dark Clear

Ubuntu Light

Ubuntu Web UI

Ubuntu Office

Windows Modern

Template includes additional styles for multiview control, thin form border and specific style for tab control (for touch optimized UI).

Regal Blue Clear Modern

Win10 Modern Black Pearl

Win10 Modern Oxford Blue

Win10 Modern White Smoke